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Essentially Fitness (Trainer) offers the following:

+ Fitness Assessments

+ Diet Plans (basic health food guide interpretation), etc.

+ Lifestyle Counselling

+ One-on-one Personal Training

+ Group Personal Training (2 – 4)

+ Specific Sports Training (running, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, triathalons, marathons, golfing, etc.)

+ Group Fitness Training: 3 - 5 individuals (includes functional fitness activities to strengthen the whole body and cardio that will knock your socks off)

Essentially Fitness (Aerobic Instructor) offers the following:

+ Yoga (beginner – intermediate)

+ Stability Ball (weights/body weight)

+ Weight Training (body sculpt)

+ Circuits (cardio/strength or both)

+ Tabata

+ Step

+ Low & High Impact aerobics

+ Bootcamps

+ Aquasize

+ Senior Aerobics (in the chair or otherwise)

+ Kickboxing

+ Exercise Tubing Classes

+ Pilates (beginner)

+ TRX Suspension Training Classes

+ etc.,

Essentially Fitness can help you to stay fit and in achieving your goals. No matter what type of training you need, our Personal Trainer Saskatoon will be there to provide you with the motivation and assistance to proceed at your pace. Call us today to book an appointment with one of our personal fitness trainers!

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